Low-Cost Non-Dilutive Capital

Mezzanine-Type Leverage at the Cost of Senior Debt from a Partner Who Behaves Like Preferred Equity

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A Sale-to-Service is the Sale-Leaseback for the Service Economy

Intangible Assets

The U.S. has moved from an industrial economy reliant on physical assets, like equipment, inventory and real estate, to a service economy reliant on intangible assets, assets often described as a company’s “know-how”.


Leeward’s patent-pending Sale-to-Service® monetizes server-based “know-how” found in a company’s mission-critical systems, processes or data, through a transaction structure that is similar to a sale-leaseback of physical assets.

Value Proposition

Leeward delivers a low-cost, covenant-free, non-dilutive source of capital for liquidity events, management and shareholder buyouts, family transitions and acquisitions as an alternative to higher-cost debt or minority equity.

Enterprise Value & Sale-to-Service

Leeward’s Sale-to-Service® (S2S®) unlocks the fair market value of a company’s mission-critical systems, processes and data, assets which have been built, enhanced and customized over years and are essential to the company’s business model. These server-based informal intellectual property (informal IP) assets have little to no value a company’s balance sheet but contribute a large part of a company’s enterprise value.


Capital Structure & Sale-to-Service

Leeward’s S2S® is an alternative to junior or mezzanine debt and minority equity. Leeward can and usually will provide senior debt alongside its S2S® investments offering businesses a comprehensive low-cost non-dilutive source of capital.


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Matthew Hagen – Founder & Managing Partner

Matthew is the founder and Managing Partner of Leeward. Matthew’s fifteen-year tenure as the CEO of a large data & technology-enabled logistics business makes him experienced in the intersection of a company’s operations with its technology, systems and data. Matthew implemented the first S2S® transaction for his family’s logistics business, American Forest Products. Matthew started Leeward to deliver a similar capital solution for other closely held businesses seeking an alternative to equity and higher-cost debt. Matthew received a BA and BS from the University of Southern California and an MBA from Harvard Business School and has been a member of the Young Presidents Organization for over 16 years.

Email: mhagen@leewardcapitalmgt.com
Work: (469) 718-7333


Leeward has partnered with a select group of family offices, credit funds, and structured equity groups to capitalize its investments. Leeward selects a capital partner for each investment based on the partner’s industry expertise and the size of the investment.