Business Owners

Low-Cost Covenant-Free Non-Dilutive Capital for Closely Held Businesses

Closely Held & Related Party Transactions

Liquidity Events

Leeward delivers a low-cost covenant-free source of capital for owners seeking to diversify their wealth but who do not want an investor sitting at their board table.

Family Transitions

Leeward supports families seeking to transition ownership and control to the next generation while delivering fair value to the company’s founders.

Shareholder Buyouts

Leeward provides capital to owners seeking to buyout a financial partner or a passive shareholder or for when the partnership is no longer working.

Management Buyouts

Leeward’s delivers non-dilutive capital when an owner would like the continuity of selling to management rather than witness the change that comes with a sale to private equity.

Message to Owners

Matthew Hagen, Leeward’s founder, was the CEO of a family-owned logistics business for 15 years. Matthew understands the unique challenges of running a closely held company and the risks of having all of the family’s wealth concentrated in the business.

Matthew implemented the first S2S® for his family business and started Leeward to help business owners achieve their goals and diversify their wealth without having to sell equity or take on higher-cost debt.

Matthew Hagen Testimonial

Your Objectives

Please share some background on your business and tell us about your objectives. You can email or call Matthew directly or you can use the following message box. Matthew will reach back out quickly to learn more and to discuss how he and Leeward can help you achieve your goals.

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